Welcome to 2017


The first post of a new blog at the very beginning of a brand new year.  It’s not the easiest thing to write, that’s for sure.  But basically what I want to do here is say “Hi” and welcome you to my new venture with a quick introduction to what you can expect from my waffling, wittering and wonderings throughout 2017 and (hopefully) beyond.

As a teen I loved to write, in my twenties I love to write and in my thirties I loved to write.  But guess what?  I never did anything about it.  Then a few years ago I started up a little blog about a classic 80s British comic, originally just a silly and fun thing to do every fortnight but it grew into something I never expected: a successful venture which rekindled my passion for writing again!


Now I’ve seen myself published on a top UK comics site, I’m in the preliminary stages of a book project about the very same subject, then in the world of retro computing I’ve seen myself published in book and fanzine form, while a website has also asked me to be a regular reviewer.

With the start of that book came a realisation that I can make something of this and that’s led to this blog.

I became more interested in the blogosphere recently and, thanks to a fellow blogger whose site I’ll introduce soon, I got an insight into the world of personal lifestyle blogging.  It intrigued me but I struggled at first to see what I could bring to it, but in the end it suddenly clicked in my head.  There may be a wealth of fashion, beauty, food and travel blogs but the best and most successful (both popularity-wise and in their content) seem to be those which cover a variety of personal aspects of the writer’s life, while maintaining the main focus front-and-centre.


So here I am at the very beginning of a very personal journey into the lifestyle blogging of a wannabe freelance writer.  I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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