Hi all, I’m Philip and as the title says I’m a wannabe freelance writer living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Let me explain.

At 39 years of age I thought it was about time I stepped up and grabbed that dream and tried to make it a reality.  My whole life I’ve loved to write in one way or another but never had the confidence (or attention span) to make something of it.  Then in 2013 I started a fun little project called The Oink! Blog about an old comic I grew up with and things changed.  Thanks to it being about something I loved I kept it going, the blog grew, my passion for writing grew, my attention span saw me through to cover all the issues over nearly three years and professional writers and editors were filling me with confidence to take this further!

Thanks to that blog I had the chance at the time to write a few things for a professional comics website too.  Then, through backing a Kickstarter project, I got to write a small review for a coffee table book about a retro computer interest of mine and after that was asked to write an article for a fanzine about the same topic.  A book project about the Oink! comic is in the works too thanks to the support and motivation I’ve received, so I’ve decided now it’s time to start taking this seriously as I approach 40.

Hence this blog.

But I’ve also been introduced to the blogosphere recently and the world of personal lifestyle blogs.  I really like the idea of doing something a little different with this, so my writing blog is going to be just that.  On top of covering my writing I’m also going to be including more personal stuff about the things I love; hobbies, interests, fitness, food…

The idea is to build up a place where my published works are gathered together in one place, alongside a diary of my writing and a look into the person behind it all.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will writing it.